Is Ireland’s sex education out of touch?

“Primary and post-primary schools are required to allocate 30 minutes a week to Social and Personal Health Education, and Relationships and Sexual Education (RSE) makes up one part of this. A recent study found that sexual and relationship education in schools needs to be overhauled in many countries – including Ireland. The study, which asked students[…]

When should you enrol your child in primary school?

The right time to enrol your child in primary school depends on the school you are applying to and where you live. Schools set their own policy on when they accept enrolments in their enrolment/admissions policy, which you can obtain from the school on request, or by logging into our website and viewing the enrolment[…]

Government admits 11-year-old special needs legislation never enacted

11 years ago, the Epsen Act (Education for Persons with Special Education Needs) was created to deal with policy, the setting-up of a special education review council and other structural elements, all of which were implemented, but vital sections were ignored. These covered the educational assessment for all children with special educational needs, the development of[…]

Report finds greater educational disadvantage in poorer families despite improvements in health and education

A new study by the Economic and Social Research Institute has found that the wellbeing of children is largely dependent on the social and economic standing of their parents despite improvements to health and education. In particular, children from one-parent families experience socio-emotional and behavioural difficulties regardless of the educational standards of the parent. The difference[…]

Investment in education – Budget 2017

Budget 2017 promises the provision of 2,400 new teacher posts across the primary and secondary school sector. With an additional 12,000 pupils expected to enrol in school next year, the new posts will help to address this increase. However, it will have no effect on current teacher-pupil ratios. The addition of new Special Needs Assistants[…]

It’s never too early to learn about mental health

St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services, in conjunction with The National Parents Council-Primary, has carried out an online survey to determine parental attitudes towards the teaching of mental health to primary school students. 99% of parents felt that pupils should start learning about mental health at primary school and 50.5% believed that teachers should be the[…]