IPPN Expo 2017

We had a very successful two days at the IPPN Expo 2017 with many more schools registering with our website over the period. We hope those schools that didn’t get a chance to talk to us on the day will check out our website for more information. Don’t forget it is free for schools to[…]

Department of Education consultation paper to address role of religion in schools

The Department of Education is currently inviting submissions for their consultation process on the role of religion in school admissions. The consultation process will run from 24 January to 20 February 2017. The minister has set out four possible approaches to dealing with this issue and would like to hear from stakeholders, interested parties and anyone[…]

School “Baptism Barrier” to be addressed

The Minister For Health, Richard Brouton, has committed to making the application process to schools fairer by addressing the “baptism barrier” that currently stands, where schools who are oversubscribed may discriminate between applicants on the basis of their religion. According to a survey by Equate, one in four parents would not have baptised their children[…]