October 8, 2015

Admission Policy/Enrolment Policy

All schools must accept all applicants for the school. However in cases where there is more demand than places available in the school, the school can admit pupils based on their admission policy or enrolment policy.

School enrolment policies describe a school’s ethos and objectives as well as the selection criteria they will apply for over-subscription.

Schools must make their enrolment policies available to parents upon request.

Admission policies select pupils based on a number of criteria, with the most common criteria being whether there are siblings in the school, whether the pupil is a son or daughter of a staff member of the school, whether the pupil is residing in the local area, first come/first served and by birth date. There are many other criteria that a school may select their students by and these can be found on their individual enrolment policies in the School Search section of our application system. Please log in to view them.

Schools may not discriminate on the basis of gender (unless it is a single sex school), civil status, family status, sexual orientation, disability, special educational needs, race or being a member of the Travelling community.

From 3 October 2018, schools will no longer be allowed to  include religion as selection criteria for their enrolments, unless they are a minority religious school i.e. Church of Ireland, Muslim, Jewish.

Schools may discriminate on the basis of religion where they feel it is necessary to uphold the ethos of the school.