The Big Launch 1 September 2016!

The big day is nearly here folks! Our general release day on 1 September 2016 will allow parents and schools to communicate easier, quicker and more securely. Parents will be able to log in to our site and view all 3288 public and private schools, and filter them more efficiently and along more parameters than[…]

Cllr. Frank Durkin stalls opening of Educate Together in Marsh House in Castlebar.

Cllr. Frank Durkin has made 19 objections to the placing of the new Educate Together school in Marsh House in Castlebar. Durkin, who views Educate Together as an ‘elitist’ group, feels that all children should be educated together regardless of whether the school’s ethos is desirable to the parents, and that minorities shouldn’t be catered[…]

Photos for the Enterprise Village!

So I finally got my photos back from the Local Enterprise Office’s photographer for the Ploughing Championships. As you can see smiling on cue is not my forte! Which one is the best do you think? And don’t forget, if you would like to support my campaign, it would really be appreciated!!