Demo Videos for

We are delighted to announce you can now view our secure online services through our short demo videos before you register. Only two minutes will show you how easy, fast and secure our online application services are. And don’t forget, schools have a free 30 day trial before the €20 registration fee applies and we won’t ask for credit card details up front!

Do away with paper files, stamps and envelopes and communicate with parents using templated responses at the touch of a button. Upload your postal applications to your account, so that all your applications can be administered together and sort your applications according to your enrolment criteria.

Busy parents will no longer have to spend time searching for school contacts details and enrolment policies, downloading and posting forms or dropping them into your school. Our website offers a one-stop-shop for parents and all their enrolment needs.

Fed up of sending letters to parents to check addresses before term time? Our system will automatically update your applications with any new profile details when a parent updates their profile information on their own account.

On top of all these amazing benefits, you can also view statistics over any date range, such as the number of applications received, or the number of times your school has been shortlisted by parents.

We almost forgot to mention; there are no annual fees!!

Go on, take a peek today and show everyone how your school can be part of the digital revolution!