October 8, 2015

How to Enrol

There are a number of ways to enrol in schools in Ireland. Primary schools accept applications in person by post, and in some cases by email. You will need to contact them directly to get an enrolment form.

From 01 September 2016 you will be able to use our website to apply to registered schools.  Our application system allows you to apply to your chosen schools from the comfort of your own home.

primaryschools.ie charges €12.50 per child to process applications to an unlimited number of schools, in a particular enrolment year. Our website offers you a secure, fast and traceable method to apply to primary schools and to receive information from your selected schools.

primaryschools.ie has no role in the enrolment process and the school is entirely responsible for processing applications and awarding places. The school will apply their own data retention policy in regards to the applications received.

  1. Log into your primaryschools.ie account and fill in your profile details.
  2. Use the School Search function to find schools in your area. You may shortlist schools or apply directly from the School Search tab.
  3. Click on the school name to open the school’s information window and read the enrolment policy of the school to check when they start taking enrolments.
  4. Apply to your chosen schools.
  5. Go to your Inbox and Applications section to keep track of your applications’ status, acknowledgements, emails etc.

You may save your information at numerous stages in the process and complete at a later date if necessary. No charge will be applied until you send your first application.

Once your applications have been sent you will receive a receipt from the school in question and information from each school on their closing dates, award dates and dates for acceptance of a place to your secure account. You may also correspond with the school in question via your account if you require further information.

Any queries regarding your application must be directed to the relevant school and not to primaryschools.ie unless you are having difficulties with the software. If that is the case please contact support through our Support menu at the top of the page and we will get back to you directly.

You may also find further information in our FAQs section, which may help you to resolve your issue faster.