IPPN Expo 2017

We had a very successful two days at the IPPN Expo 2017 with many more schools registering with our website over the period. We hope those schools that didn’t get a chance to talk to us on the day will check out our website for more information.

Don’t forget it is free for schools to use our site and registering will provide your school with a paperless system for administering school enrolments, saving you time, money and resources. We have estimated that we can save over €800,000 across the primary school sector in terms of better time management in administering applications, and savings made in moving from paper and stamps to an online system.

Parents can use our website to search our database of every public and private primary school in Ireland and apply to any registered school in Ireland.

Schools who register can take a look around their online account and parents will not be able to apply to your school via the website until the school sets up and publishes their application form under the Profile tab.