Is home work beneficial for primary school students?


The National Parents Council is carrying out a survey of parents, teachers and children to ask whether they feel homework is beneficial for primary school students. The online survey closes on May 22.

The Irish Times today, referred to a study carried out by Harris Cooper of US-based Duke University, who claims “there is no evidence that any amount of homework improves the academic performance of elementary (aged 4-11) students”.

Áine Lynch, chief executive of the National Parents’ Council said “Children who are managing at school find it repetitive and children who are struggling at school find it reinforces the fact that they are struggling”.

From my own experiences with homework (if I can remember back that far!), I rather enjoyed it in primary school, but then that perhaps backs up the comments of Áine Lynch above. However, I feel things like spelling really have to be learned at home, with no distractions.

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