Last day for free school registration on!

Today, 12 February 2016, is the last day of our promotional period, where schools can register without paying the €20 registration fee.  Remember we are currently only taking school registrations, so register today and you can take your time assessing our software before we launch to parents on 1 September 2016.

We offer the only site where parents can apply to any registered school in Ireland from one secure account and provide a one-stop-shop for information on enrolment.

Schools retain full control over their application process, information and the allocation of pupil places according to their own enrolment policies.

Use of our website will allow schools to receive online applications and to store any applications the school may receive, whether they are in person, by post or via our online services.

Schools can publish their Enrolment/Application policy on our website to provide ease of access for parents when searching for enrolment information before application.

We provide a secure system that will allow a school to communicate effectively, quickly and privately to parents, using templated responses and to allow a school to sort their applications according to the criteria set out in their enrolment policy.

Schools can avail of statistics over any date range, showing the number of applications and their statuses and how many times your school has been short-listed by parents.

Our site also facilitates bulk sending of information to selected recipients, not to mention significant savings in time, resources and administrative supplies.

There are no annual fees for schools. Parents are charged €12.50 to apply to an unlimited number of schools in a particular enrolment year. Our market research shows that 81% of parents would like this facility and are happy to pay a small fee to use it.