Minister for Education announces the release of funds for the annual Summer Works Scheme 2016-2017

The Minister for Education, Jan O’Sullivan, has announced the release of €30 million under the annual Summer Works Scheme 2016-2017 for 197 primary and secondary schools.

€80 million has been awarded to 197 schools for the upgrading of existing buildings, the initial €30 million of which will go towards upgrading the gas and electrical infrastructure of the chosen schools.

Minister O’Sullivan has highlighted how this will not only provide schools with much needed upgrading work, but the capital injection of €525 million into primary and secondary schools over the duration of the grant scheme will also boost the construction industry, providing additional jobs to the sector.

1650 schools applied in total to the Summer Works Scheme, of which 197 were awarded. The categories for work to be carried out are gas works, electrical works, mechanical works, projects for special needs pupils, toilet facilities, roof works, window projects, curricular requirement projects, other structural improvements, external environment projects.

More information can be found on the Department of Education’s website