NCCA launch consultation process on Education about Religions and Beliefs and Ethics

The NCCA has recently announced a consultation process on developing a curriculum in Education about Religions and Beliefs and Ethics (ERBE) for primary schools.  No other consultation process has seen such a big response, so soon, with over 500 submissions being received within the first 24 hours. Clearly this is a subject close to many hearts.

ERBE is intended to teach primary school children about all religions, traditions and worldviews, introduce them to social justice and human rights and help them to develop a respect and understanding for other beliefs.

ERBE is designed to help your child to:

  • Develop self-awareness, confidence, personal beliefs and a positive sense of identity.
  • Understand how different worldviews have contributed to the culture in which we live.
  • Show empathy and joy with human diversity and form deep, caring human connections.
  • Gain greater self-understanding.
  • Relate to others.
  • Understand the relationship between rights and responsibilities.
  • Recognise unfairness, injustice and the impact of discrimination.

However regardless of content of this course, it will still be subject to the current legislative environment which allows schools to deliver the curriculum in the manner they see fit in order to uphold the ethos of their school. If you would like to have your say, please read the submission information booklet and enter your submission at