Opening for registrations in January! will open for school registrations from mid January 2016. Schools will have until September 2016 to register, to ensure parents can apply to their school online during the 2016 academic year.

Our online application system for primary schools will allow schools to:

  • Receive applications online, with no annual fees;
  • Show an audit trail for each application which is traceable and secure;
  • Correspond more efficiently, through automated and templated responses;
  • Store and sort their applications online, saving them time and money;
  • Retain responsibility for enrolments and data retention according to their own policies;
  • Avail of a secure method of storage for data through our Irish cloud servers;
  • Publish their application policy free of charge on the website.

Parents will visit our website for:

  • Comprehensive information regarding the enrolment process;
  • To view the enrolment policy of any registered school in Ireland;
  • To access general information and FAQs relating to enrolment;
  • Access to a secure online account, from which parents will be able to apply to enrol their child in any registered school in Ireland;
  • The account will provide a facility whereby the parent can receive acknowledgements, receipts and correspondence regarding their application and the school may advise of offer dates and deadlines, or offer places.
  • An application system which provides greater transparency, peace of mind and clarity to the enrolment process, whilst saving time and money.