September 23, 2015

Our Service makes enrolling your child painless and paper free. Submit all registration requirements and upload required documents — no need to take time off work. With “smart” forms that autofill your child’s basic information, you won’t have to re-enter the same data like your child’s name and address again and again. And you can check your child’s registration status right from your phone at any time.

Our website provides:

  • Comprehensive information on primary school enrolment
  • Access to a secure online account, from which parents may view the enrolment policy of and apply to, any registered school in Ireland
  • Information on Mainstream schools, Mainstream schools with Special Classes and Special Schools.
  • School locations by map and a create your own shortlist function
  • An account which provides the facility to receive acknowledgements, receipts, detailed school information and offers/refusals of school places
  • A system to correspond efficiently and easily, whilst saving all your information in our secure Irish based cloud servers.
  • An application system which provides greater transparency, peace of mind and clarity of the enrolment process, whilst saving you time.