Muck, sweat, but no tears at the Ploughing Championships 2016

The Ploughing Championships have been and gone and it seems it was a record turn-out. We were up early and home late, traipsed through fields of muck, got very cold, then very hot, talked more than we thought humanly possible in three days, and generally experienced everything a Ploughing Championships has to offer.

The good news is we had lots of interest from the public in our central application systems for schools, and it seemed that most people were either employed as teachers or had a relative that was a teacher! We hope they remember us when they get home and register their school so they can use our website for free!

We also got a few promises from mainstream media to give us a slot on their show/magazine, and I got my photo taken with Mícheal Martin! What more could you ask for??

My favourite moment though had to be the tractor football. I’ll leave you with a lovely snapshot of the farmers giving it socks.