Go Fund Me campaign

I set up  after hearing from so many parents that enrolling their child in primary school was really stressful. I couldn’t believe that in this day and age, parents were still filling out paper applications and posting them to schools, or in the majority of cases, actually taking time off work to drop it into the school in person.

“Why isn’t the whole process online?” I thought, and from that thought arose, a central application system for primary schools and a site that will answer all your questions on school enrolment.

So now comes the hard part; getting the word out there that schools can use my system, virtually for free (only a €20 registration fee) and that parents have an alternative if they’re just too busy. I’ve tried to keep the cost low to parents (€12.50) because I actually think this should all be free in the first place, but unfortunately these systems don’t run themselves.

I’ve invested a lot of my own savings into this venture, but now I need some help in order to get the word out. I’m very lucky for to have been chosen by my Local Enterprise Office to represent them in the Local Enterprise Village  at the National Ploughing Championships  this September. This exposure at the largest outdoor festival in Ireland, coupled with the media attention the Local Enterprise Offices will generate for the companies they’ve sponsored will make this a hugely worthwhile event to attend. Unfortunately the cost of the stall is only subsidised and there will also be major marketing and travel and accommodation costs for the event as well as marketing costs associated with my general launch to parents on 1 September, which is why I need your help!

If you think this is a great idea, I will be eternally grateful if you could show your support through a small donation. I will promise to spend the money wisely and create a business that in time will benefit the community in more ways than one.