October 8, 2015

Religion in Primary Schools

Most primary schools are denominational, meaning they come under the patronage of a religious order and the majority of primary schools in Ireland are Roman Catholic. Religion classes will be held in these schools teaching the main ethos of that school.

The school may accept pupils from other religions or non-denominational pupils. These pupils have the right to be excused from religion classes. In the event of over-subscription, a school may refuse your child a place if they are not of the same religious denomination as the school, if they feel it is necessary in order to maintain the ethos of the school.

Some schools refer to themselves as interdenominational and these schools come under the patronage or trusteeship of more than one religious faith community.  Such a school provides for a variety of religious education opportunities.

Other schools, such as the Educate Together schools, are multi-denominational and will provide ethical education classes instead of religion classes, teaching children about equality, justice, ethics and the various belief systems around the world.