October 8, 2015

School Admission Appeals

Section 29 allows a parent or guardian to appeal against the exclusion, suspension (of over 20 days) or refusal to enrol a child, to the Secretary General of the Department of Education. In the case of Educational Training Board (ETB) schools, parents or guardians must first complain to the ETB before lodging school admission appeals.

Section 29 Appeals Application Form must be completed and sent, along with a letter from the Board of Management of the school confirming their decision, to the following address within 42 days of the parent or guardian receiving the letter:

Section 29 Appeals Administration Unit,
Department of Education and Skills,
Friar’s Mill Road,
Co. Westmeath.

The letter must be signed by the Board of Management member and it should state whether the member is a Board Member or a Secretary to the Board.

Tusla, the Child and Family Agency, can provide support and guidance if you are having trouble securing a place for your child in primary school.